Sandra S. Love, MS, President


Ms. Love is a health information professional with a wide range of progressive executive management experience and extensive teaching and consulting expertise in the field of medical coding, billing, and hospital management. As Health Integrity’s President for Health Integrity, she oversees the National Benefit Integrity MEDIC, the Zone Program Integrity Contract, Zone 4, and the Chicago and Atlanta Region Audit Medicaid Integrity Contracts (Audit MICs). Ms. Love earned a Bachelor’s in Health Record Administration from York College of Pennsylvania and a master’s in health care administration from Wilmington College, Georgetown, Delaware.

Carrie A. Ward, Program Director/Sr. Vice President


Ms. Ward is an accomplished executive with over 20 years extensive experience in delivering healthcare management, investigative management, and production quality control. Before joining the NBI Medic team, Ms. Ward’s roles within Health Integrity were ZPIC Medi-Medi Project Director and MIC Director of Operations. Prior to joining Health Integrity in 2009, Carrie spent seven years in both the private and public sector investigating fraud and abuse in healthcare. In addition, she spent eight years in the private sector investigating fraud for workers compensation, general liability, and auto insurance claims. She holds a Masters in Health Administration with a concentration of Health Policy from American Public University. She holds the designation of Certified Fraud Examiner and is an Accredited Healthcare Fraud Investigator. She has spoken in many different forums on healthcare fraud.

Jaysen Eisengrein, Program Director/Sr. Vice President


Jaysen Eisengrein is a Senior Vice President with Health Integrity, LLC. As such, he serves as the program director for the Medicaid Integrity Contracts with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and leads the development of new business opportunities in the area of health care anti-fraud and abuse. The Medicaid Integrity Contracts are designed to identify improper Medicaid payments for the full spectrum of service and provider types in 35 states, including Maryland and the District of Columbia. Mr. Eisengrein has been with Health Integrity, LLC (HI) since February 2009.

Mr. Eisengrein’s educational credentials include a recently earned Graduate Certificate entitled, “Business Strategy: Achieving Competitive Advantage” from the prestigious Cornell University. He also holds a BS/Human Services degree from Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, NJ. Mr. Eisengrein has earned numerous training certificates from institutions such as the US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the US Office of Personnel Management/Management Development Center and the USDA Graduate School. Mr. Eisengrein is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (2016) at Northcentral University.

S. Scott Ward, Program Director/Sr. Vice President


Mr. Ward has extensive experience in healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse investigations and audits related to Medicare and Medicaid, working in the field since 1992. Prior to joining Health Integrity in 2009, Scott spent twelve years investigating fraud and abuse in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. In addition, he has eight years auditing experience with a major health insurance company conducting Medicare Part A audits. He holds a BBA in Political Science from American Public University and the holds the designation of Certified Fraud Examiner and is an Accredited Healthcare Fraud Investigator. Scott has received awards from both the Office of Inspector General and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.